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Please use Metamask app or Chrome extension on desktop to connect your wallet and mint your nft. Make sure to use ethereum mainnet.
see collection on Opensea


Our goal is to help people step into the Crypto, Stocks & Investment world to lay a foundation for financial freedom. We are aware that Billionaire Babies won’t make every holder a billionaire overnight. But we would like to give you the possibilities in the Web3! So, how do we want to do that? At this point we would like to proudly present our roadmap and especially our team in the following.

Mint your Incubator & reveal your 3D Avatar 🧬💰

Your Billionaire Babies journey will be particularly exciting, because it begins in a 3D-rotating incubator. Here your babies develop the Billionaire knowledge, the Billionaire mindset and the Billionaire style.

One Incubator = One Avatar

After a while, the final Billionaire Babies NFT can be claimed by the Holder for free.


All our decisions are made jointly in the form of a DAO. This is because we believe that the value of the community is one of our most important resources. Moreover, we believe that our community is at least as interested in the success of the project as we are - and therefore it is predominantly you who will decide what the Billionaire Babies future will look like. WAGMI

billionaire babies logo


Get an informational head start! Our goal is to help you enter the investment world to lay a foundation for financial freedom. Several times a week, we'll be posting hot news on Twitter about cryptocurrencies and stocks. This way, you can not only educate yourself in these areas, but also actively learn about successful investment strategies. On our social media, we will publish the topics of the calls in good time so that you can prepare for them with specific questions.


Rich and famous people get many things as gifts, even though they have enough money. Thanks to our cooperation with fashion brands like Leandro Lopes, sneaker customizer Berrys Customs, car dealer DB Luxury in Dubai, an NFT jeweler and others, every Billionaire Babies holder gets discounts. Those who save don't lose money.


Live like a Billionaire but give nothing back? No, that's not our style. We will donate a remarkable amount for a charitable organization. Again, our community decides where the money should go.

Treasure & Trading Club

We are committed to investing in, rewarding, and supporting our community with our Billionaire Babies Treasure. With the knowledge in Crypto & stocks we will regularly introduce you to coins and companies that we invest in together as a community. We will analyze and present you a selection. You decide. The profits will be reinvested for the growth of the project and the strengthening of the community through marketing and IRL / Metaverse events.

Startup con

IRL events in top locations in Munich & Dubai will be held for networking, learning and pitching. You as a business-founder will also have the opportunity to pitch your business plan or idea to masterminds, top entrepreneurs and the community at these events & receive up to double-digit millions from external investors.

Roadmap 2.0 coming soon

Only after the described steps have been followed and implemented, we would like to announce further steps to you. Metaverse? P2E Game? Free NFTs? We will see.

The Team

Aren't we all still babies somewhere in a world that is far too grown up? 🍼

"The guy with the network"
"The guy who reads charts like newspapers"
"The guy who teaches you everything about crypto"
"The woman who knows best how to sell"
"The technical team behind the team"


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Do I get another NFT for Free?

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